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The Yakima Valley Business Times is distributed every other Friday to approximately 6,900 Yakima County Businesses and subscribers.  Single-sale copies are available at our office.  Circulation numbers vary and are updated each issue.  Estimated readership is 20,000-plus.

If your company targets business decision makers, then the Business Times should be your primary advertising tool.  The Business Times is delivered every two weeks to more than 6,900 Yakima County companies and pad subscribers.

This powerful delivery combination gets your advertising message into the hands of the Yakima Valley’s most affluent and influential consumers: business and community leaders.  Because the Business Times is passed around, more than 20,000 owners and managers will see your ad.  These key decision makers have the buying power to make a difference to your business.

The Business Times’ well-written feature stories, editorials, news articles, statistics and special sections make it the business paper that’s read.  We are the ONLY business focused newspaper in Yakima County.  Its crisp, eye-catching graphics and design will draw attention to your ad.

An every-other-week, direct-mail newspaper, the Business Times offers its advertisers complete market saturation at an extremely reasonable investment.

If you need advertising rates you will find them here.  If you wish to speak to an advertising representative please dial 509-457-4886 or email